While many successful diets or training plans share similar traits, there is hardly a one-size-fits-all method to solving the uniqueness of each client’s scenario. A video conference or in-person consultation is useful in order to better understand client situations. Enginuity offers this hour-long consultation free of charge to decipher your potential needs.

During this meeting, we discuss which behaviors will be most useful to attaining your desired outcome, both training and nutrition related (unless either is desired on its own). Based on client interest, information could cover caloric intake suggestions, considerations of strength and hypertrophy as related to individual physique goals, and the incorporation of ‘taboo’ foods into a balanced diet. These are merely three of the directions our first conversation may take.

If a coaching relationship is established after the consultation, weekly to bi-weekly nutrition meetings are typically suggested, with one-on-one training frequency based more-so on client discretion. In both cases, we deliberately change habits independently, beginning with those that carry the largest potential for success.

Interested in Enginuity’s coaching services? Please fill out the form below. Prior to meeting, details on your training, dietary, and health history will be requested.