Improvement is all about shifting equilibrium: making today’s best performance next year’s average. To do that in the realm of exercise and nutrition, you need to


What does this mean? Quite simply, you need to recognize that changes happen little by little, and, aside from when you establish your ultimate goal, the person you envision down the road must be forgotten. All that matters is what you can do to improve here and now.

The ego that wants to lose 20 pounds of fat must first lose 1.
The ego that wants to bench 225 pounds must first bench 185.
The ego that wants to dunk a basketball must first touch the rim.
This is exactly how Enginuity approaches performance enhancement.

With a unique goal profile constructed by Enginuity, your progress is not left up to chance; it is built upon in a structured manner, every single day. My primary coaching goal is to develop a meaningful relationship with every single client, which advertently creates accountability and assures progression. As a client, you’ll be granted unlimited coaching correspondence and always have access to my opinions, experiences, and resources.

Approaching a goal with Enginuity requires the following:


Why are you devoting rather significant periods of your life to this change?

Specified Plan:

What do you want to accomplish? What adaptations are you willing to make?

Means of Tracking Progress:

How can you quantify change or progress?

Realistic and Modifiable Habits:

Which day-to-day choices are truly significant? What level of repetition can you assure?


What happens if you fall short of your goal?


After collaborating to form a specific, reasonable, and challenging goal, we focus on those behaviors you can control and let the ultimate goal take care of itself. We work together over time to make the requirements above a mainstay, with the hopes of integrating health and fitness into your life without compromise.

Whether you’re interested in training for an event, sport, or physique goal, Enginuity can help decipher what type of program might be right for you. Respect the pound and you’re likely to succeed.

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